Saturday, February 12, 2011

Return to the real roads -- RP2IPBP

After haven done number of shorter (1..1h30 range) rides outdoors and feeling fine while and after Py put up his RP2IPBP ride for Saturday again. This will be the first over 2hours (almost 3h today) ride. Still a I little concerned this morning...

A really good number of riders showed up this morning at 9am at Tildas to support his ride, this was great and big help as well! Thanks to all for coming -- and even more joined/left 'en route! Up to some 15 riders at max today.

A frosty chill in the morning air, trees at some spot looks pretty in a white frosty cover.



Py stayed all times in the small ring (except one short downhill) -- possibly the highest cadence on this ride ever -- 91rpm average.

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