Saturday, February 26, 2011

RP2IPBP -- good ride

Welcoming a new rider S. and good seeing you all today again! Few riders on'off on the fly as usual, max group sized of 12 riders -- very nice. Still a moderate early season pace, just right for Py to maintain a low to medium effort at all times :-)

Pretty cold chill in the air for the first 15 minutes, in particular on North Country -- getting much better with the first quick climbs to warm up...




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... and a little bad luck just hitting a dump rock or piece of chopped off asphalt strait on with the front wheel causing a pinch fat, 1st this year and be leave it or not, 1st item ever Py used a CO2 cartridge/inflater (used the GAB's sponsors Genuine Innovations version) -- worked just fine!

The ride in numbers and coordinates:

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