Monday, September 05, 2011

Kev's HHH ride -- big GAB showing

Py was a little concerned about riding today, little tiered feel from yesterday's decent work hauling this big heavy duty humvie amphib full suspension old and little worn out..... bike around the RP trail two times.

But he could not skip this ride starting virtually in front of his house plus a big appearance of GABs was expected as well. So he went out suffering a bit up this steep road up over the lil hill out of his house meeting a well sized group at Tildas. Plan was to sit in nicely.... Easy going, good. After a few first climbs he some what felt better -- seams the last day's damage was flushed out ;-) and he got a little away moving on. Craig out new "cycling dad" showed up, good to see!


Then hitting some of Py's favorite roads he is visiting far too less... he pulled off a few long all the way pulls and finally approaching home he really got awake and just kept moving on.
Good ride, glad the weather is (still) holding off the rain to come. Humid but that's OK moving fast. Only GAB missing today: Gorge -- working hard organizing the fix of the remaining broken power lines on LI he assumes. They saw a couple of these LIPA power repair trucks out there today!

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