Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taninges to Martigny -- Stage 3 of "Tour du Mont Blanc"

100 km and little under 2000 m elevation to close the loop we had to go -- but first a good French breakfast with a really good fresh Croissant! From the heavy rain and thunder of the last night it still was all wet in the morning but no rain at the time we started out. Just around the block of the hotel climbing up again (Col des Gets) to Les Gets (1.5) followed by an intermediate pretty strait and fast down hill into Montriond.


After a short flat ride we started climbing Col du Corbier (2).


A pretty nice and twisty downhill on wet roads, taking it with extra care... into Bonnevaux. Then following the road towards Morgins -- taking a 2nd breakfast and coffee little before Chatel in La Chapelle. A few drops of rain and dark clouds were moving into the valley, looking scary. Py put on his arm warmers, just right! Then finishing with one more good climb up and back to the Swiss border on top of Pass de Morgins (4). Just reaching the top rain started getting heavy. Putting on the GAB jacket -- the pack gaining some room! A about 30km long and soaking wet downhill all the way down from 1369 to little less than 400m into Monthey down in the valley. Good it was just getting warmer with less altitude. Still mostly going fast than cars... splashing water all over. One drowned Garmin 800. Then a flat 25km ride to the finish in Martigny.


** corrected elevation profile -- water blocking the pressure sensor until I blew it out (Edge 705, no issues beyond this. The 800 of my friend got more seriously wet and the USB interface denied working... IPX7 rated ???may be prolonged water spay at high speeds no good???) **

Save and wet return to Martigny, no real mechanical issues over the last 400km, just a great ride!

Great loop, Ben!!

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