Sunday, September 04, 2011

Two lap RP/RCA trail ride

It is a while since Py was on the trail last time -- must have been one of the We night winter rides with lights where he tested his knee, figuring it was not yet ready that time...

But this issue is history now even no Doc figured it out, Py has his own diagnosis :-)

Now ideas came together and on short notice it happened a bunch of 7, later 8 on the trail, riders gathered at the main lot of the RP/RCA trail at 7:45am. Py took his old heavy duty Hummvie bike -- just a quick check the evening before. Starting out early around 6:45 riding 1/2 of the lap/trail from 25A to the main lot. Meeting L&D first, then 4 more arrived.

Good pace out of the lot :-) Waitup on top at the bench... cruise on and next waitup on top of Campsite. Good moving around and back. The sandboxes really were what the name indicated today... else the trail was in great condition!

Back at the parking. And returning on the trail again -- just cutting of the West side. Good ride!

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