Monday, June 10, 2013

"Alpe d' Huez", Le Bourg D'Oisans, RA, France - Day 2 (GBF13)

After a good 4 hours of driving from Bern to le Bourg D'Oisans, France parking at a big supermarket in Oisans, little lunch shopping and lunch time.

Then changing into the cycling kit and heading right up to visit the famous Alpe de Huez. This climb started right out of town with a decent 10..12% ramp,

but then levels into a moderate 6..8% climb. Fairly easy going from then, passing Huez then approaching the top of the Alpe. The top is not really spectacular in any means -- pretty much it ends in a big honestly not very pretty ski resort and big parking lots. Py went to the very end and around some ski lift base stations.

Obligatory attempt to find a good photo spot...


Then it's actually turning into a nice ride proceeding via Col de Sarenne -- passing a very pretty valley!

And a great descent down to Mizoen and Lac du Chambon on Route du Col de Sarenne. I can hardly describe those super fun descents with tight switch backs lined up one on one -- you have to go and ride and experience them your self! This was the 1st significant and little more demanding descent on his own bike with those EVNE wheels and break pads. Still a little unfamiliar with the behaviour, needs a good squeeze to get break performance. Little close call test on one faster approaching switch back breaking down form near 80 km/h... just worked -- whooho... wake up call!

All the way down checking breaks and rims -- pretty warm but not really hot to touch at this point any more.

Then picking a Hotel "Hotel des Alpes", checking, shower, little exploration of the cycling-awesome town and picking a restaurant for dinner. 


Back in our "chambre" sorting items and pre packing our packs for a two day ride with remote stay en route. Discussing options where to go and deciding on a direction going a little into Italy. Unfortunately the Gallibier pass is still closed, but we plan to give it a try and see what we really get -- always can return and proceed on an alternative route. Sounds like fun -- bed time now.

Let a great week proceed! So far weather was very cooperative and it's looking great! -- Come back to read about day 3 soon...

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