Sunday, June 23, 2013

Early Birds North -- fast flying and a "Pro"? guest.

EB's N once in a while after riding so many mountain and great passes -- what a flat ride.

Running later, very late this morning -- about 15min behind schedule near on giving up. But there is a good 50% chance to just meet them on the fly in case they go North as so often. Full speed ahead TTing towards Manorville, possible breaks his best time, and yes -- there they come.

Then even faster moving with the pack, recovering a bit, but not much -- but just enough. Things got tough as the pace on past Doctor's on Sound went close or beyond?? the 50 km/h mark... who is that rider on this BMC machine, not sure -- but turned out some Pro12 or such. Continuing fast, but very solid and steady until the usual play grounds. The BMC bike rider went home in Riverhead, hey you missed the fun part!

Our two young EECT riders doing well. Little playing on that slight incline and pulling those left behind up and over the last hill -- finishing with Z side by side off the front of the few left.

Fun ride. Then riding home via Lake Panamoka and NC easy.

A good more 510 km week -- not too bad besides work, but flat.

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