Sunday, June 02, 2013

Solo to Orient Point, a the scenic Tour of the North Fork

A little busy with timing experiments still. First missed to sign up for BBB in time. Second, redecided on a little race at FBF, signed up for 3/4s. Then exiting and well working experiments keeping Py a little on a short leash -- while checking on Saturday and then last minute on Sunday morning at 5:30am on the progress it all looked fine and all important sets were just about to finish while having breakfast and preparing to ride. Good, last sets coming in -- monitoring the progress at the lab 12 miles away remotely... Deciding to finish it up. Taking two final reference images manually and putting the system in a safe mode -- giving enough time now for a good worry free ride before any need to show up in person at the laboratory.

In the mean while it's 6:20 -- time to roll, but no constrains today, just riding on known roads all the scenic way, as scenic as possible... out to Orient Point State Park. With about 15 miles to the park a sudden pffffff and a flat front for no obvious reason -- well some sharp scrap cut a near 3mm hole high up in the thin side wall -- holy crap. New tube. Patch on inside of tire plus some Cliffbar packaging... pumping it up, looking OK. Rolling on. Good to meet RPC Tom at the park next to the BBB water station out there. Borrowing a new spare tube -- thanks!!! -- just a better feeling with still over 120km to go -- but good from then on. Proper early lunch stop in Greenport, little sight seeing before heading on into the cross/head wind. Last stop at Camp Upton, feeling a little sticky and just running out of water -- good timing. Recharging fresh cold water -- tast so gooood!! and taking care on the to be refilled cryogens and check a little more on data...
What a day -- little over 200km!







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