Saturday, August 24, 2013

D2R2 - The Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee 2013 -- No 9 and 7th for Py

Time for some of the most epic two wheel action of New England... D2R2.

No need to repeat again, see previous reports: or just check back up to 7 years in Py's blog archive for D2R2 reports found usually in August of each year.

The usual convenient travel up North. Check-in at RR-Inn, evening ride to sign-in and a little explorations and check on gravel conditions -- looking good.


So let get to the start by about 6-isch in the morning to begin the so far most beautiful day for a long ride, just perfect, crystal clear air, dry, perfect temperature. Can't ask for more -- just as good as it eventually can be if not better!


Looking for some known riders, but not very successful, saw one of the Tall Tree guys at breakfast, but no sight later -- start times are spread out between 6:00am and 6:30am -- leaving at 6:15am and making is way up past several riders and passing up on several groups until finding a few riders of similar pace -- to begin Marc and Kevin and a few others on and off, also the Fatty bike rider was good seeing again!


Well moving on, the number of other riders in sight diminished to near zero. 1st quick stop and refill, then heading on and reaching Heath soon. Eventually a group we passed caught up as we stopped for a picture at the 1st covered bridge... Managing the "getting old" Archambo climb (27% on loose gravel) once more with ease. Waiting up for Marc with his little borderline single front chain ring... then proceeding and taking the "group" KOM as a bunch or riders was following our tracks closely...

To some of those eventual surprise Py stopped on top to take a few photos :o) Only to catch up later again and take off with Marc.

S0704128.JPG S0744132.JPG S0844142.JPG S0045004.JPG S0075008.JPG S0555058.JPG

Making good grounds, kill'n all the descents at warp speed often topping off at 60km/h on gravel... fun fun.

Soon arriving at the Green River Covered Bridge for great lunch.

S0315034.JPG S0355038.JPG S0205023.JPG S0425045.JPG S0475050.JPG

Proceeding well filled up at a notch reduced pace as usual, suffering a bit for about an hour over countless smaller rollers to get back on speed to finally climb Patten Hill... before the long awaited portapotty -- always the same issue -- need to put on near the bottom of the climb please :)

S0695074.JPG S0855090.JPG S0864144.JPG S0865091.JPG

From Py's feeling a amazing quick run to the finish in Deerfield.

Finish -- about 4:08pm.


Beer, dinner, dip in the great river -- to finish up a amazing day!


Thank you to all of you making it so great again!

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