Friday, August 02, 2013

Tour of the Catskills -- Stage One: ITT

Friday morning, last preparations like packing food supplies waiting or better said picking up a friend who's car broke down with no electricity left... But with plenty of time all worked out fine and we went on the road just in time. A little traffic issue as to be expected in NYC before hitting finally clear roads to move up North. Checking in at the Fairlawn Inn as usual and slowly preparing for the individual time trial.


A little warmup riding up and down some roads, finding the start what was moved a little down 23A this time. Thanks to the mechanic at the start to realign and tighten up my handlebar/stem joint a bit -- need a new and better clamp.

Perfect nice day. Py felt OK, but not really great. So what, no power meter, so he could not even monitor how good or bad Py would do. Just going for it, full speed ahead and out of the "box". Towards the turn around point already catching and passing his minute rider -- moving fine. Just about right some "good" hurting en route -- not much room he thinks. Moving strong up the few inclines, watching the time -- looking like it's going to be close to 30 minutes. A little more all over uphill this time -- means won't compare very good to previous best time what was under 29minutes... Finally reaching the turn into town, speeding up a notch and giving all, obviously too much, what's left to the uphill finish line. About 3:20 back, not bad but not as great as hoped.

 IMG_1052.jpg IMG_1054.jpg
Little recovery snack and dinner time -- heading with D. to Tannersville.

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