Saturday, August 03, 2013

Tour of the Catskills -- Stage Two: RR

Relaxed easy morning and good breakfast with plenty of time to the start at Windham for stage two road race. Preparing at Windham mountain, little warmup. Some what feeling little "slow" this morning. Py is blaming the eventually little too heavy Alfredo pasta sauce of the night before.


And eventually start of the Cat 4's.

The race was kind of easy moving for some miles, cruising up that first gradual incline and flying down 23 until hitting the more winding and smaller county road 20. Eventually one guy got ahead, but not for very long. As expected toward the 1st KOM the action began and the field spread out quite a bit. Some what a notch too much to keep or even move all the way up with the front. However, pickup up riders on the longer climb and making up places good times! Eventually hanging with a smaller sized "yellow jersey" group, making some fun speed out there. Then even loosing some of them at the feedzone and dropping riders at Airport.... Eventually a good 4 men group formed to finish up the remaining 20 miles. Working OK with a few of them. And some what still plenty of energy left to outsprint the few left in that group at the Windham mountain finish -- slightly uphill again. Taking a notch confidence at least getting this right :-)

IMG_1017.jpg DSCF3808.JPG DSCF3813.JPG DSCF3817.JPG DSCF3826.JPG DSCF3829.JPG DSCF3834.JPG Back to the Inn. Recovery snacks and laying down a bit -- that was quiet some ride. Later dinner as usual with D who spent the day hiking at Hunter mountain. There was no need for water support, not even grabbed a neutral bottle.

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