Sunday, March 16, 2008

Early Birds #3 - South

Sunday is Early Birds day as usual. This time Py planned to try the extendet version with riding to to start from home, what adds a good 20km each. The start is 8am @ Manorville/KK, so he estimated that takes him a good 45min to get there, meaning to get out of the house a 7:10 with a little reserve.

The night before the forecast still had a 50% chance of snow for the morning hours on display, huh, that's no good -- but he did not care that time so much, let see what we get at 6am in front of the door. And, nothing, only little chilly, not too bad at all at 6. He rushed a bit with breakfast as the very first thing, checked the radar, hmm, some little green blobs coming towards east, but he was somehow confident that little scattered stuff will go some where, but not on the East End of the Island -- all stuff in blue is basically nothing, may be a few drops.

And 7:12 GPS time he took off. Not exactly sure how long it will take, he hurried up a bit... but was good in time and at about 7:53 at the start. A few of the core Birds showed up, they quickly decided to go for the South Route (this shows Py's full ride), next in row.

Still some concerns about rain, but the ride turned out to be nice, steady pace, dry road. Well, except some major flooding on section of Dune Road -- here Py's polarized Sunglasses can in handy, as he was able to see the road (and potential pot holes) under the water without been hidden by total refection.... He is not sure, but thinks that food is mostly salt water pushed into the bay from the Atlantic... and as Dune Rd is some where at 0..?? m elevation....

Here just after "The Bridge":

A good ride, no rain! Just no sun and some wind again, but not too bad. Actually, Py felt a few sprinkels of rain on his way back home, but not enough to get anything wet.

Here the speed stats of Py's full 123km:

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