Saturday, March 22, 2008

RP2IPBP -- pre Easter day ride

The next day, Saturday, turned into a nice day. Still clear, less wind, just a constant 20km/h North-West Wind, a little warmer, almost 7C at 10am, so Py went out with one layer less, it felt a bit chilly in the beginning, but turned out to be just right for the ride. As usual and Py meet with C at Tildas for the ride out to IPBP.

Here at IPBP, view South, hiding from the wind in the sun was nice.

The ride stats as usual:

All the post ride rituals and some big laundry done.... Py took his time for a visit at Kreb Cycle to pick up a new Cassette... and to look and discuss some Bike frames, as he is looking for an upgrade, but the "one step up" to make a difference seams to get much bigger than he had in mind. Some things to think about in depth. There is time. There are dreams. There is this planet called earth.

Any suggestions for Py?

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