Sunday, March 30, 2008

Breaking Routine

Sunday is usually Early Birds day as Py's blog reader will know, so this Sunday was. But PyZahl very much disliked the very cold early morning temps, which the night before were predicted to be in the 25..26F range, brrrrrrrrrrr. He had thoughts to start a later 10am ride, may be a longer easier one, but there wasn't any short term interest shown by his buddies. So he decided simply to take it easy and sleep in. It was cold, his home did not really wanted to get cosy at all -- but in his sun room behind the glass it was not to bad at all as the sun came a little more around to expose it. Little playin around with this blog design and slideshow widgets -- they work, but suck on slow machines, as his Web Fox on his old G4 TiBook almost got stalled to death :-(
Nice widget, but a total waste of CPU power. So, after all the efforts even trying to get a mRss feed going from his buddies ISMBAT photo album... he decided to get rid of it again.

Chatting and skypin w an old snowboard buddie... hey you are in a really neat job! Callin home... and finally getting hungry from doing not so much at all, heating up some pasta leftovers. It got late already. What now, he really felt like doing some workout.

But wait... that old Lightrider alias Humwee still waits for a test ride to find out if the rebuild rear shock will work OK! Quick thought, quick change into MTB outfit w knickers -- as temps finally rose up to almost 10C. And off he goes... quick spin down to the beach, the air is still damn cold:

A few laps around the neighborhood hills, finding all the huge potholes -- there is at least one use for those, MTB testing...

also he found a few big steps and drops to get it going to the limits. It seams to work just fine, if not ever better that ever before! The stable platform valve was doing great, not the slightest whipping pedaling uphill, no bounciness at all. All perfect :-)
Not to mention he pumped up the SPV over a week ago to about 8bars -- however, it is almost impossible to precisely verify the pressure after, as the tiny SPV air volume is about similar to the volume for the tubing to the pump gauge... But it definitively worked, so it must be still in an OK range.

However, all to say so far -- it survived a one hour test ride and a good number of big hits. He gets a little more confident in it to take it out for a ride on the trail next time -- Rocky Point Park will open soon!

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