Sunday, March 02, 2008

First Early Birds ride of the season - North Route

1st Sunday of March 2008. PyZahl got the start time wrong as he some how was sure the early season Birds was at 8:30, but 8:00 is the right time, we know now. However, as he told C also that time and this got distributed further to a new Island rider from SUNY they at least were three and went for the North route.

A nice dry and sunny but cold day, just a few ice puddles left. A steady and strong arctic wind was blowing and it seamed it always blew into Py's face -- nothing really to complain, compared to the day before, Snow, Sleet and Slush in the morning with scattered shower all over the day, just a suny hold around noon -- so Py skipped his RP2IPBP ride.

Sunday, March 2 at 8am
Temperature: 30°F Dewpoint: 15°F Wind Chill: 19°F Surface Wind: WNW 14mph
Sky Cover: 2% Precipitation Potential: 4% Relative Humidity: 53%

They started out from Manorville, KK, still temps around freezing and with that wind chill it felt cold, very cold. Taking regular turns pulling they manage a good steady pace and Py was happy grabbing a hot Coffee at the Cutchogue Deli.

Here the ride stats and the route (click):

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