Sunday, July 06, 2008

Allegheny Reservoir - Kinzua Bay

This long 4th of July Weekend Py went on a long road trip all the way up to the Northern Pensylvania, Allegheny Reservoir and Kinzua Bay, he geared up for some MTB and Camping.

As there was a very heavy rain and flooding on his day of arrival, trails were mostly turned into a sticky muddy mess and due to good trail keeping... they decided to stay on dirt and other back roads. He did not took his road bike, so the big Humwee was the only choice. The weather changed to very nice the next days. The roads would have been great for a road bike ride as well but the Humwee work on road for sure, just a little extra workout! And Py had some fun, giving a couple of roadies on a longer uphill a hard time and finally left them far behind -- on his MTB......... o-)

Here some views to the Big Bend:

And at Rim Rock:

After some good riding on that heavy bike, a little cool down and cross work out:

Still, a little teaser of the trails...

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