Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chilln' at River Run

Saturday morning could have been a great time for a ride, but Py was too tiered from last days late and exhausting ride. Got up at 7:50 or so... undecided what to do. He could have called the shop he got the nice road bike by 10am earliest to find out that it may be available -- as some one else was expected to get it by 10 -- a little chance only that he will not. But to know by 10am and be ready to roll at about 11am would have been to late, as bad weather was expected to move in very soon... A MTB loop some where? May be try out some Up-The-Lift&Down-The-Hill ride? Still undecided. Watching the Tour on Versus. TT stage going on today.

Making some breakfast in his room. Getting late. He walked out just chilln and looking around at Keystone River Run -- checking out some of the shops and Bike Rental options...

Still undecided, getting a Coffee -- this woke him up a bit. Time approaching noon. Looking at the lift and bike haul ticket window... 30 bucks a day, not too bad.
It was quit some traffic out there on the trail. Hmmm.

After having a sandwich he figured the rental for the real DH stuff and ticket would come to a total of at least $130. And he was late, as there was no bike left for rental also until 3pm.

Well, the late run option was there, but soon it started heavily raining with strong winds and some thunder. So he decided to go for early dinner and just chill out...

Here some lazy watching only impressions:

And some random riders flying...

Not to bad, one day off, a bit vacation of it all.

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