Saturday, July 19, 2008

Montezuma Loop -- Rough High Altitude Workout

Again off the Island, and playing high up in the Rocky Mountains, starting today in Montezuma, Colorado, close to Keystone.

Ride started at 10,300 ft and peaked at 12,615 ft with a few very very steep up and downs at highest altitude on very coarse rocky jeep trails -- a few section to steep to ride for Py, so a few tough hike the bike sections came up... the downhill was great, even more rough, several water xings and all doable even on the simple hard tail MTB Py rented, as the Fullys were pretty heavy and had not so good components and mechanical badly working brakes only. The K2 did a good job -- no complains for only twenty eight bucks a day.

Simple, hard, efficient - great day.

Later Py figured a place to rent a road bike in Frisco, got some good early dinner to refuel -- Chinese Noodle Chicken in Dillon -- did some shopping.

Topo Map:

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3D view from Google Earth:

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  1. Percy, these photos are fantastic! Looks like a great ride. Enjoy your trip!