Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gold Coast Ride 2008

1st Sunday, back on the Island since a couple of Sundays, PyZahl did skipped the Early Birds again, but he did the annual Gold Coast Ride.

At about 5:30 he rode 15min to M. to carpool out to Greenlawn, Huntigton. They got there quickly at about 6:45, M needed to register, Py just picked up his armband and Teeshirt :-)

At 7:30 some of the birds and other well known riders assembled to a pretty nice big group of about 20..25 or so... Py did not counted 'em all. Here a few shortly before they rolled out -- all together until the "2nd" big water stop -- not counting the very first one where was absolutely no need to stop after just a couple of miles -- only for the leisure rides...

Py did a lot, if not almost all pulling out to this stop over all the rollers... feeling funny little after some more climbing.

Here the 70milers went off back, and Py went with a smaller group of 6..8 for the 100mi and added an extra loop and then they returned to this stop after a couple of extra miles once more... and made there way back after that. The highest elevation Py noticed was just little over 120m.


Good workout today.

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