Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally, 1st ride out of bounds 2010 - clear, cold

Py couldn't stay indoors on his VR gizmo one more day. What was though for the day before and turned into XC ski needed to happen today. Getting out this way too less used Stonie


for a ride. Putting on three layers -- one warm base -- one insulation -- one wind breaking top -- not counting the bib. Deciding on the warmed hours of the day, he ventured out on his route on North Country Road. First unwelcome surprise, some craziness -- washing a car at sub 20F with water running down the road turning a turn into a ice skating ring... Luckily visible with plenty of warning distance, but still -- not so great. He wonders if any one went at super arctic temps out for of the Trevors this morning, as this patch was on the route, still in Rocky Point, just before leaving the neighborhood at the 90 deg no-options right turn.
Good to have easy working strong disc brakes, his left hand is still not at 100% strength.

Moving out to the WR Duck Pond no further issues, all nice and dry, just a dusting of salt and sand, proceeding to Wildwood. He felt the icy air moving fast biting in his face.


Snack time, drinking some of the still luke warm water in his double walled polar bottle. Trying out a not yet sampled Everlast Energy Bar -- he recently got from the kind Sponsor of Green Arm Bandits Cycling Team. The sun was nice and warming, as long as he found a wind protected spot.

The return via Wading River Beach felt even colder as he now faced a slight head wind.


Finishing up with a bike cleaning action, Py does not liked the salt dust all over. Not far today, but almost 2 hours out in the cold fresh air :-)

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