Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trevors #3 - nasty dirty roads, ice, wet-cold, slighty frosty - but back on

It's a while ago, since Trevors #2. Snowed out rides, but Py could not go either way in the past, but today he ventured out again on early Sunday morning from home. The chilly wet-cold air seam to creep inside, but he managed top dress just right. Littly funny color combinations today, who cares, good to be seen for sure.

Arriving at the bagel ride start several of the usuals were already there.


The early group was just about to go. They gave them a head start of about 14 minutes and waited for the laster riders to get ready. Moving out as usual good pace, few icy spots on the side of the road from melting water and frost of the night. The roads were slick with a wet salty sandy mess. Py tried to save as much energy as possible and just took brief turn overs at front at times -- what worked out just right. The slower head start group was already caught on Sound, shortly before the turn South. A few decided to drop off to those, reducing the size of the faster group... Still kept moving pretty good. Brian took strong long pulls, not so smart to end up just behind him on 2nd position a few times... Some bumpy ride on Mill was kind of killing Py, his wrist noticed every bump and clearing holes does not really work yet again. he tried, no good idea, hurts even more... Well, every smooth section of the ride was very appreciated. Just hanging in now...
Finishing the group part once back on North Country heading back from there.

Py just managed to get back home.. pretty much done for now... and needs a nap :-)

Stats - 14WP Points - 110km:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Trevors #3

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