Saturday, January 23, 2010


A nice clear, dry and sunny day. Just cold with temps all day just around freezing. As just little wind was expected Py tested how it feels without his wind breaker layer, well, a little chilly moving fast at the beginning, but quite OK later. Still, he like it better with it.

Today's group was made up of 4 Green Arm Bandits and three more riders. Starting out a few minutes late. Pushing out as regular, was just good enough to warm up a bit. Owen's rear wheel was occasionally generating some strange vibrating fire-engine like noise, which's cause stayed unclear for a while.

At Iron Peer Beach Park it was nice to warm in the sun. Owen's wheel and brakes looked OK. Checking out the Di2 on Chris's new Dogma, pretty nice -- Py would like to have that now, as shifting up in the big ring is still quiet a pain with his left hand and works not so fast. Pressing a button sounds easy. Also Py had to adjust and tighten his handle bar/headset out there o-[


On the return it became clear what Owen's trouble was, the free wheel hub seamed to seize up... so keep pedaling... Good ride back and adding the extra hill at the pond again today :-)


12 WPts.

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