Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trevors #4 - how the hell did we made up 30 minutes???

Py wrote this at 11:35 today:

Just back from Trevors, this was a deadly pace today -- got full 30 min earlier home than usual, and we did not started before 8:30. Already half way out to Rocky Point, Jeff, Brian, Craig hanging on took off.... Trevor, me and three more EECT riders were full warp chasing in constant rotation, lost one more rider at the hill towards Wading river and kept pushing hard in rotation. Marco was hanging on the front group (as they came by at the fire house), but got dropped and he joined us 2/3 out on Sound Ave... still keeping this killer rotation up. On the short section on 25 in badly spread out field of glass shatters brought us to a stop as Marco was the unlucky one getting a big cut, he changed his tubeless tire and we kept moving, a bit slower rotation. still short pulls.... I was about done, just made it back to North Country hanging on from that point we crossed Williams Floyd...

this is WRONG -- such a work and 2 points less for the WP (14) today.

Further notes on conditions:

Nasty cold feeling morning with frost on cars, a wet cold. A few icy spots from day time melting water -- but no real issue. 2/3 in the ride "warm" feeling breeze on the more south part of the ride -- but just a little taste of it.

Have to correct, not full 30min, but about 15 at least.

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