Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early Birds North - wet windy "warm" + sunny!

After a heavy rain and t-storm last night it cleared up in the morning but left messy wet roads behind. Py got up a little late but just good in time to get moving towards Manorville at 7:10.

Fast moving out East with some great tail wind :-) Full speed ahead at the Tanks and out to Mattituck, from there are strong move and break with this new rider in Blue and Gerald on Oregon. Good and fun work. Little messy -- wet and sandy -- but not too bad... starting to dry up quickly with this wind.

The return was a little more "windy" and steady work, some how Py's rear wheel/power tap got all loose spokes and he hat to ride a bit carefully on the return -- good to have some team buddies who stayed with him. It was as bad out of true that it just not really touched the frame, seams nothing broken, just all loose.


Also big thanks for the ride home from Manorville in a huge truck.... :-)

Beyond a few stronger moves, a fairly easy ride all over today -- good after yesterday's basically solo (in front most the time) wind work out.

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