Sunday, April 03, 2011

Getting ready for the Early Birds -- and finding his way back to bed

5am the radio turned on, about 15 more minutes to wake up. Felt a few slight "sweat attacks" at night, what should this tell Py? This can not be right -- it's his big #40 Bday today. Getting up trying to defeat this. A few things needed to be done first -- preparing his bread sour dough, making Cappuccino, cooking an egg and having some cereal (what is unusual for a Sunday) today, but he did not liked the last left over of his getting over 10 days old bread this morning. Just a bad phase timing, so what. As a Py bread cycle is a little over a week. [You must know, he is baking exclusively his own bread now for over a decade!! No exception.]
Having the Cappuccino checking FB and Email... he got more and more concerned about his current health status. Felt a bit warmish, not really bad, but definitively not good to get out. Quick call to John so he did not wait for him. Well, back to bed. Best and only thing good to do now.

Py now got a good clue what already yesterday hold him back -- it must have been in his system already.

Thanks for all the good wishes on all the online channels -- he hopes this kind of virus is not sneaking over the internet -- or is it???

This could have all been just one more fine birds ride for Py. Hoping for the best as the BIG Battenkill ride (or race) is coming up next weekend.

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