Saturday, April 02, 2011

Unmotivated attempt for hill repeats

Py did not posted his RP2IPBP ride due to interferences with an major SBRA event and the suggestion not to post rides. Instead he did some spring home clean ups...

As noon approached the temperature reached 12C, the sun was up and a good wind blowing from West. He decided to go out solo for a set of hill repeats. Just riding at endurance base pace out East on NC to Wading River, deciding to use the smooth longer uphill starting at the Pond on Trevors route full gas to the top for this purpose. Getting up to speed at the shallow start he felt already kind of slow, struggling for no reason. Even two rest/rain days previously -- strange. Just trying hard getting no more than short power peaks and falling back to some still decent, but far from full gas moving speed. Weird. Kinda unmotivated?? No his day, what ever. Rolling it out all over to the Wild Wood SP on the other end. Quick stop fiddling with the computer's settings... Returning back over the little hill into the head wind felt really tiering. Thinking... down at the Pond he decided to just do the uphill -- initially he had 5 full repeats in mind. Struggling up hill again, standing to get a bit more out. Just rolling down. One more, come on... He managed to get three up hills plus the one on the other side in and felt like neither really tiered or out of breath -- just could not go.

Well, stopping at the Velo thingy to see what's up there today -- Mark was working on a new bike assembly in front of the door. Py finished the banana he took and decided it's just not his day -- things a like should happen. And rolled home.

Little frustrated with this, cooking some dinner from left overs... and went for a shopping trip to Trader Joe's.

Went to bed early -- with a better day to come and a good Early Birds ride on Sunday in his minds.

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