Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Early Birds North Ride

A all rained out Saturday, a foggy wet night and foggy Sunday morning ride to the "Easter Birds" ride today. Kind of cool fog, but fairly warm temperature already.


At Manorville already few riders were fixing flats after riding there -- before the actual ride... and a few more flat stops on the first few miles but from then on no more.


Good cruise out East, roads were still pretty wet on Oregon but from half way on it dried up nicely and the sun was feeling really good! What a day compared to all the past cold rides! Big thanks to the Easter Bunny for that!!!


And on the return Py did a few good long and strong pulls also good working with Mike today... feeling good, hope fully not too strong to damage things again.

Return home part way with GAB Mike :-)

...Bike wash...

And good Easter Dinner + boat and bird watch with Shea's & friends :-) Thanks!!


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