Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tour of Somervile Series -- Bound Brook Criterium -- GAB Karl wins!

Somerville Series, Sunday: The three Green Arm Bandits Karl, George and Py traveled to Bound Brook, NJ on Sunday morning. Py picked up Karl fairly early to have plenty of time and make sure to beat traffic issues crossing over to New Jersey via Staten Island, Verrazano Bridge. Making it to NJ with almost empty tank looking for gas and having a good find at some little place -- almost 60 cents less than in NY!!! It got pretty warm with high humidity. A pretty easy and nice drive, just little over 2 hours. Karl already had some ideas for the race and in particular what Py should do -- "Get in front right off the gun and drive the pace a hard as you can for the 1st few laps." Py was skeptical if he could manage that, however -- the key would be to line up in 1st row and fly off.
Arriving in Bound Brook around 11am, little shopping and having a Danish + Cappuccino in Manville. All set, returning to Bound Brook and finding a good parking lot with shade from big trees right on the coarse -- nice.

Signing in for the race, checking out the coarse getting ready and warming up on the trainer under these trees. Not that Py was not warm already... but a little moving and warming up his knee was for sure a good thing -- it was hot, really a need to move fast to get cooling.

As time went by, a few bananas and snack bars got eaten, plenty of water consumed including it's great cooling use on top of the head.... Also George arrived soon. To our little surprise Carol and Paul showed up and did a little support -- thanks for that!! -- they were already done with an ITT earlier in the day near by. Time to line up.

Here the three GABs on the right front of the pack at the start line (The 3rd is a little hiding in this picture, Py all the way to the right (left in the picture)).

[Photos by CyclingCaptured.]

Py took off at the start and lined up within about the 1st 5 riders towards the next 2 turns as he moved up and little to his own surprise stayed there for about 2 1/2 more laps -- no one attacked until this time as he moved to the back of the field to recover. That part worked out OK.

Now just let Py cite George for the following race report:

"It has been a few weeks since I have been able to do an edition of TWIG notes. I am glad to say it will be on a high note. Over the past few weeks the GABs have been racing and training around the NY metro area. With solid performances at the Bear Mt Road Race by Karl, 6th CAT 3, and Mike Innuza who has been strengthening into his normal self. George hit the WS United Roubaix series at Floyd Bennett Field in the 123 race last Thursday. Finishing this weekend with the Tour of Somerville. Last Memorial Day Karl traveled to Somerville to take part in one of the longest running races in the country: . He traveled alone and found some success in placing 3rd. Upon his return everyone congratulated him. I remember him showing a bit of frustration, "If I only had a teammate, maybe...." he said. With this in mind we set out to support him as best we could this year. The GAB's were represented by Karl, George, & Percy. The pre race plan was to have Percy go from the gun, trying to cause an early break. George was to cover any mid race moves, and escort Karl through the last lap, leading him out for the sprint. Karl's job was to win. During pre-race discussions we believed there would be a field sprint, and after all was said and done, we needed to be up front on the back stretch on the last lap, top 5 into the 2nd to last turn. It was a large field of 80 or so riders. We lined up up front, and set off. Percy did his job well, amping up the tempo on the first laps. Nothing developed, and Percy suffering from his hard effort slid back. The mid race saw a few breaks drift off the front for a while, George had to cover one or two strong surges, nothing stuck. The pace was high enough, for most of the race, to discourage opportunists. With 2 to go we were in position top 20 or so. As we approached the finish there were attacks. Well they turned out to be sprints to the bell. Some overanxious riders miscounted. As the race passed through the S turn, the familiar sound of broken bikes became evident somewhere in the back of the field. Karl was tucked safely on George's wheel. With a flick of the hand to signal Karl, George ushered him to the front of the field. Sitting nicely, third and fourth wheel, into the 2nd to last turn. Coming out of the final turn Karl opened up his sprint, easily passing the remaining 2 riders for the win, George held on for 5th. Congrats to Karl for a job well done!!!" -- Green Arm Bandits Cycling Team.




The story is not yet complete as you may wonder where or when Py came in and how he eventually managed to take these pictures above of Karl. It's simple like this: Py was doing just fine hanging on for the coming laps, but had not really much left struggling a bit at times, but felt like he could just about do it. However, a pretty harsh sounding pop of a spoke snapping off the nipple shortly before the 2nd but last turn of lap 8 all sudden ended his race -- he was not hitting anything in particular, just some normal bumps you find every where and he went over and over all the time... put a good wobble into his rear wheel and he rolled off the coarse. This now ended his race as he did not put a space wheel set into the pit.

Slowly rolling back to his car and stowing the bike away. So what, he did his part of the game and did not expected any placing for himself either way. Getting out the camera, still a little nervous using some wrong settings for the first few shots. But it all should turn out just perfect as you already read above. Including his chance to take these finish shots himself!

That all done the GABs and friends were watching the next few races, Masters and Pro.


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