Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ride with Paul/C -- just picking roads

Bellport 10am -- meeting Paul and Carol for a ride some where. As it was such a nice day and 10am late enough to take an esay spin South from Rocky Point -- not yet knowing what and where it will go -- what so ever, anything would work, flexible enough, no car to get back to, all options open :-) Py loves that! So he left home a few minutes to 9am to have plenty of time -- about 16 miles on the most direct way taking this newly paved "Rocky Point" road he was eyeballing to take for a spin already since a while. Little South wind, tucking a bit down and cruising at some steady easy recovery level of 160 Watts average. Getting to Bellport at about 9:45.

To his surprise he found Paul&Carol taking out there TT bikes -- hey, if he would have known that... he just swapped the power wheel back on the road bike from his TT rig this morning! So what, the red bike is so much more comfortable and fun either way.

Saying hello to Gregg&Chris at Krebs... while P&C got ready to roll.

Heading East some where... -- no plan, beyond let's go for an hour east or so before returning. Fine. Suggesting a few back roads like Beaver Dam in Brookhaven, before hitting County 21. Merging on Trevors route backwards for a while... and followed that as this was our best plan that moment. At the end of the 1st section of Mill Rd we decided to take Edwards to 25 going West as return. Py kept going more North on 25A while Paul&Carol proceeded on 25 possible to the Floyd and heading for a more strait return.

Py could not resist to get off the main roads (25A) in Wading River to return as usual.

Ended up with a nice 50 mile loop:

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