Sunday, May 01, 2011

May 1st: really Early Birds now -- South

With May first the EBs ride starts at 7:30 and thus Py had to leave a little earlier from home -- little past 6:30am. A little morning chill in the air but looking like a nice spring day. In the need for a simple wind breaking layer, but not wanting this all day -- he got back to one of the oldest and cheapest tricks: Just placing one folded page of newspaper in font below the jersey. Light and recycled disposable fibers doing a great job!

Meeting Jenn at the start in the bagel store warming up a bit and soon many more -- good group today and fairly steady pace -- basically the field stayed all together today.


Bad luck for one with a double flat hitting a bad spot of (missing?) pavement early into the ride. A nice good move on Dune Road, a strong pull over the few rollers at the bay and moderate return -- with one more flat wait up. Py was sitting in a bit more today but took his pulls rotating though, even just briefly. Some how managed to find a few strong good wheels and with a quick rotation at a pretty speedy finish and ended up coming in first... how does that happened? Not even a huge sprinting effort, a bit so... -- max reading for the finish was just 740W-- at the end.


Total real measured work: 2553 kJ

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