Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tour de Parc - Criterium

Race Day. After skipping Bear last Sunday -- Py was just not in the right mood for that for several reasons.... he went to
the Criterium

race hosted on Long Island in Wantagh.

citing the promoter: "The Tour de Parc is the longest continously run bicycle race on Long Island. It takes place in Wantagh's Cedar Creek Park on a fast, spectator-friendly 1 mile course."

GABs Karl, Mike, Chris and Percy attended. About the CAT4 race (sorry no pics as Py raced it) -- in brief:
Simply said -- not much happened. Just starting out, trying to stay in top 1/3 most the time. Some crunching behind Py the1st or was it the 2nd lap's U turn -- well, guess that sorted some rider(s) out not handling his bike right... Beyond that and a few sketchy actions around him nothing really was happening. He was also not up to solo actions and just kept it safe and was actually a little bored beyond the few excitements.

Py in the CAT4 race:

A few pictures of the other CATs he took later (and before a few of the CAT5) and many more -- click the thumbs to see more:

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