Sunday, October 09, 2011

Early Birds South -- back to speed and play as usual

Sunday, going to the Birds once again. Too early to ride there as it still was pitch dark at 6:30am. Taking the car, what was convenient as he had some new team gear (big smile) to take home plus a little shopping to get done right away after the ride. 7:30 at Manorville, the sun just getting above the trees... a slight chill in the air but it's warming up fast. Moving out at moderate pace then picking it up as the RP dudes triggered the move... Py took the chance to stretch out the legs a bit and jumped up as well, a little too much with a power surge up to 940Watts flying by and settling down to fit in and take a few good pulls. Fun group, good GAB showing, also with Craig again. Only downside hitting a hole -- on Dune Road at good speed -- blew his rear tire, but this was a quick fix with new a tube -- later home he found the tire lost some structure and had two bumps at the side wall. Too bad, it was almost new :-(

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