Sunday, October 30, 2011

Late Sunday ride with a touch of Battenkill feel

The day after a crazy late October snow storm over NY -- NOAA was predicting 4 inches of snow over night, but as it looked on the East End of Long Island may just got near slushy wet and only wet and left a few big puddles behind -- thanks to the surrounding water. After a long night and some work into the "morning" near 2am Py let the last Early Birds go and waited for the sun to warm up air a bit more from near freezing and the wind dry off roads. Crisp clear sky and a strong breeze. Getting ready for a 60 mile solo ride and have in mind a little photo excursion to take advantage of the situation.

Flying out east, just a few cross or head wind sections and awesome moving South, passing the Buffalo farm and one more checking out his new route proceeding further from IPBP.



Checking out a few water views today -- always passing just by without any attention. Heading further into the wind -- little double trouble with that camera pack catching extra wind.


And a little Battenkill feel on a hopefully temporary dirt road.


PS: Do not get fooled by the "slow" average -- it's only because I stopped quite some times or just rolled around with the camera to find some spot to shoot from.... the took off again. "Camera Intervals".


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