Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TOSREC 2011 adventure

This year it was the 6th annual Tour OScenic Rural Eastern Connecticut. Starting with the first ferry from Orient Point left at 7:30. Py left his house on the bike in the dark with lights to meet and car pooled with T. to Orient Point. Shortly after arrival also GAB George showed up. Johnney the TOSREC inventor and a few more.

IMG_3937.JPG IMG_3941.JPG IMG_3938.JPG IMG_3942.JPG

Departing from the boat Alex must have joined as Py noticed later -- a nice group of 8 riders now! Nice moving group, that's gonna be a good ride :-)

Climbing up 49 (Pendleton Hill Rd) George setting a good pace, Py taking over for more climbing... almost up some delays behind, Alex some how came of the shoulder, chain off -- OK all seamed fine after putting it back on -- but some how she got off the bike again. Py was up this little slope already again... back -- it turned out her left Look pedal snapped in parts -- weird. Some debating... and finally back tracking down hill and proceeding into the town of Pawcatuck to find a bike shop "Brumble".


After about 25 miles extra they got back on route and got to the now well deserved coffee/snack stop in  Canterbury. From here the most scenic and nicest back roads would start. Py could not let happen to skip those completely -- so a compromise was to cut off about 2/3 of the upper loop and return on Windham Road.


Here on the back roads -- North Society Rd.:


And returning on a slightly modified and distance wise optimized route -- actually pretty nice roads with exception of one or two construction miles on rough "grinded away" pavement.
Later just one very brief water stop. Then Dan some how managed to get wrong way and we did not found him and spend almost 20 minutes to find him, but did not... Later after missing the 5pm ferry by a very few minutes we ventured to Captains Pizza in New London and it happened Dan made it's way back there as well -- he took a wrong turn. Now plenty of time next ferry was not 6pm but 7pm.


Right: On the (bike) path up to the bridge.

About 120 miles total for Py with the short leg from home to the main road -- + 2x a good mile in the dark.

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