Saturday, October 15, 2011

Very special Team Ride with George Hincapie

On a special day of one of the Green Arm Bandits Cycling Team members the complete team and a former team member Chris G. and few close friend riders got invited to the "Schwenk Tank" the night before and we all had a unforgettable time, small talk and dinner together including George -- a very nice easy and open minded person. The next morning we meet all again to ride with big George.

Read more about it all on our team page soon.

Getting ready to ride, but first a few group photos had to be shot for sure!


And then just a 1/4 mile out of the lot a chance for a little "GAB" with big George as out George happened to flat right away -- this is going well...


Little later some sharp object/road debris nearly destroyed Py's rear tire but luckily a few layers of duct tape patched the side wall cut and quickly we were finally moving again at a nice pace, very well team work of every one -- George just fitted himself in very well.


On our way from South to North merging onto the EB's North route heading to the "Tanks", via the usual quick pit stop and proceeding along the beautiful vineyards along side Oregon Rd, then cutting a South via Cutchogue -- no stop at the Deli for Coffee this time?!?! -- and returning in the South side of the North Fork next to the Great Peconic Bay via Riverhead, fighting some head wind towards 51.. every likes to hide including George... taking the little incline on 51 and looping around to return via this nice road across Hampton Hills.

Here the ride in a few snap shots and snap from the video Py took -- little extra work for the Camera rider Py ;-)

Note: Be sure to check back HERE soon for a little video of the ride to catch on the motion!!!


The Ride in Numbers and Coordinates:

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