Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 4 - Wednesday - experimental GPS+topo map based "one the fly" navigation into the lands of the Amish after big roads hedache

Rolling down to 22 in weird warmish misty foggy air. Starting with some trouble (weird route crashed GPS) into a ride, following for way too long major and heavy traffic roads plus near misses... getting Py pretty upset about this route while spotting nice back roads just in parallel to the main road. Pretty much no discussion and he took over navigation not exactly knowing where to go and what to expect -- but nothing can be wrong just riding a beautiful small back road for miles with great views into the valley and Amish farms and work shops along side.

Scouting out on the fly while riding a route a alternative route following minor roads as much as possible. The groups seamed all sudden so overwhelmed by the views that some really easy sight seeing pace set in... well, fine.


Reaching Belleville on a good nice route -- Lunch/Coffee stop at a little Cafe.


Figuring the next segment of the ride while having Coffee and a quick oatmeal/banana snack.
At this point back or near the original route -- but not following it right up the main road but heading right up out of town on on more beauty of cycling road... Belleville Lane toward Barville. Then taking Barville Mountain Road to cut over the pass. This was going to be one of the first worse while mentioning climb getting a Strava rating of CAT3 -- and hey, including the extra fun of a dirt road in good shape!


After descending hitting again the original route, not too bad from now on and also no really good alternatives in sight. And on a slightly rolling road returning back into Huntigdon for a refreshment and the final climb up to the house in Snyder's run.


Energy for the the return. Getting really hot now -- later the needle of the thermometer was getting very close to the 100F mark at high humidity.

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