Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 5 - Thursday - more magic back roads - some dirt

Learning from last day's findings and insufficient Cue sheets -- making up a totally new ride from scratch. Linking good looking minor roads over promising looking terrain as can be judged by the available topo map material -- only missing detail, paved or dirt stays uncertain until visited.

Let's go and find out! Again heading down town and following the route out of "upper" town towards obviously lucky picked roads so far. Nice and shaded, low to no traffic, different views of the country side -- gently rolling and already featuring a few nice smooth descents.


Proceeding toward Diamond Valley road for a little easy incline in well shaded woods -- some green moos on the road to watch out for. Reaching the top and finding the per "original" route designated road to get on was a pretty gravely descent. The groups some what disliked and we decided to try to follow the paved road further and to eventually cut this off. So far so good and also the bridge under construction (or such) was on good shape for us.


Passing a little lake and a few nice down hill turns until finally no option but dirt -- proceeding. John happened to get a flat/side wall cut what was fixable. Heading on, the gravel got a little ugly for about 1/4 mile before decent hard packed dirt road let us down hill and out of this. Ending up on route again just a little shorter. One more dirt section to be cut out... Then part of the group decided to go ahead on known little bigger roads while Py, Lenny and Johnney cut back into the "wild" to find the original route, a shorter section of dirt road was in great condition and no big deal. A few climbs, one even rated CAT 4, great roads and some wild life to watch. And to top it off a pretty neat descent down in Cold Springs. Then just flying back into Huntigdon and stopping at the Cafe. Good day :-)


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