Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Jeff's (LI) adventure ride - joined teams

July 4th early morning 5am. The sun is not yet up but it's enough light to see that it's wet and a few drops are falling out of the sky. Well, let'd get some breakfast and Cappuccino and get ready. It's 22deg warm already, so what. Rolling out a few mins to 6am, a few drops, mostly from trees and spray from the wet road. Heading to "wake up" Karl to proceed to Jeffs. A little clearing up even a few dry spots but 1/2 way to the meeting point more rain set in again...

So what, at least not smoking hot -- felt pretty good besides the sandy dirty mess and slippery feeling road surface. Cruising at decent steady pace with caution. Interesting "new" loop finding a few fun little roads on the way. Hitting the North Shore a few of the HHH sections making it to Port Jefferson.
From there Py looped around and left the group heading back. Good ride :-)

Happy 4th of July.

and thanks for the invite

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