Saturday, July 21, 2012

ToC Training Weekend - Saturday

After packing up all gear and food needed a road trip up to Tannersville/Hunter in the Catskills. Again staying at his favorite Fairlawn Inn. Checking in, getting ready for a "warmup" ride rolling out of Hunter taking the turn off the main road via Stony Clove Notch to Phoenicia. Then following old route 28 to Beaver Kill into Woodstock -- this historic and famous musician place. Debating to stop at the Cafe, but way too crowded -- heading on to tackle Devils Kitchen and head back.
This first day and with not too much riding by the time of hitting this set of walls he felt pretty good and this was no big deal.


Back at the Inn, a little chilln and enjoying the nice place. Later a little coordinating the ride start for the next day.


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