Sunday, July 08, 2012

Pawling Mounatin Road Race. -- Sorry for the late post, busy.

Early Sunday morning driving to Pawling, NY. A very nice morning, little to no traffic that time, as nice as a drive could be... Arriving with plenty of time, meeting up with few GABs, Chris with family and Mike the mechanic and his daughter. Nice setting at a lake.


Little (too littel?) warmup ride.
Race start 9am, just rolling out with ease in a good group heading up towards the first climb. Slowly moving up in the field and managed to get a good position at the climb start in the top few riders. Working well, very happy. Py still been concerned about his shoulder and had to basically put the hands loose on top of the bar. Near the top missing just a few Watt-Minutes and drifting back a few spots mid field just as some rider managed to cause a little pile up about two riders ahead, going so, tumbling over as cause of miss shift and stalling or what so ever taking at least one or two other guy down into the ditch... and cause a little delay. Py then just passing the scene and trying to hang on as this opened a good gap. One (and a few more later) of the unlucky riders came up from behind and worked together with Py to chase them down. They got the front field in sight and closed up to about 100m at the base of the next climb but with all the work done had a hard time to get on.
Just kept going finishing the 1st lap starting into the 2nd -- a few more riders picked up and also some caught up from behind to them but on the "first" climb 2nd lap Py went up front and dropped them all off again... just GAB Chris managed this time to hang on. Py and this one other rider (Jeff O.) kept the gap between the stragglers solid and finished together 37/38 out of 70 riders within the NYS Championship CAT4 competition.

Here are a few photos Py took later of the CAT3 race - unfortunately no other photographer was around:


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