Sunday, July 01, 2012

EBsS again -- little speed session

Today Py wondered again to the Birds ride and they should go South. Good to see Trevor and few others -- no more GABs today :-( Rolling out with Trev then taking a good pull setting a base pace. Gary, Zav,... taking more great moves up front... and a few more good riders working nicely and fairly smooth today. Pretty much zero wind today, moderately humid and warming up fast. Good riding out to Dune and nice steady and fast pace on Dune Rd. Averaging all the way out to the post bridge stop little over 40km/h -- nice. One more fast move to the Seven-Eleven stop. Filling up the definitively needed water today. Rolling back and rolling in 3rd or such, but who cares here... still missing top end power from core work still not really able to "pull" on the handle bar to put down the last notch of power.  Well done all!


Riding back home via Lake Panamoka and NC and RP Water Tower -- getting hot -- time to chill and watch LeTour.

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