Sunday, August 26, 2012

Early Birds

Once in a while again a Early Birds ride. A very nice morning with a nice breeze out of East -- comfortable and fairly dry air! For the Birds a group of about 20 riders gathered and good to have a total four GAB riders today :-)  
Good Deli stop and nice to find some new comfy seating!
A feeling a little worn out from the past 1000 miles of the past 28..30 days + little sour feeling knee in particular on way home after putting in a little power on the last miles heading up and back 1st with kind of ease. Py thinks it's just due to little unused and different geometry of the MTB/CX bike setup he used recently for a big ride. Just stretching helped a bit already.


Riding home easy. And taking a bad of local produce home the last mile.


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