Friday, August 03, 2012

Tour of the Catskills, ITT


Py went up to Hunter, NY again on Friday morning to sign in for the 2012 Tour of the Catskills. Arriving at Hunter Mountain little before noon. Then a quick shopping trip near by to stock up on some berries & Yogurt for a light lunch at the Fairlawn Inn where he checked in at noon. Still plenty of time before it's his turn for the ITT prologue.


Adjusting/assembling the TT bike and testing it. Taking a few photos of earlier starters and meeting Nick & dad again. Thanks for helping me out pinning the number on the TT suit.


Nick in his brand new kit staring out for the 12 mile ITT:

Here is one of the 12pro riders starting at end of the day going into the final mile, follow the link to see more:


The ITT ride, preparation with a out and back warmup ride up all the way to Stony Clove Notch. Hot, the downhill felt great! A lot lot lot of water. Lining up with his number 454. Starting out fast and trying to settle in around 270 Watts but having a hard time to hold it steady. The hot air was burning in the mouth while breezing, but no chance to drink -- only at the turn around Py could take a sip. Suffering to hold up some steady power, more some up and down. Ending up little below last year's average and a few seconds slower. Placing some where top 1/3. However, best time was over 2 minutes faster this year than last year's CAT4's best. Still -- some riders claimed to be almost a minute slower due to the heat. Looking at this -- not too bad with just a few seconds or Watts down.

Still little disappointed and scared same time of the obviously very strong and competitive CAT4 field. Will get interesting tomorrow for stage 2.

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