Saturday, August 04, 2012

ToC - Stage 2 -- The Devil

Again a good breakfast at the Inn. Cruising around town Tannersville for some little less "warmup motivated" action as it already was brutal hot. Again Water water water... Finding Nick & his dad to supply him with two bottles for the feed zone. Many thanks again for helping me out here at this critical positions with fluids so necessary this hot day.

The races got a little delayed by about 15min. Starting out easy until hitting the first climb. Py sitting some where mid field rolling a little up but not all the way yet not expecting any big moves yet, but un noticed a little gap opened toward the top of the first climb, not much concerned yet. But he should have been. At feed zone one he dropped a empty GAB bottle hoping to grab some water, but had to stay with his backup bottle -- so far so good. The gap stayed and a chaise was not working any good to catch up in time before the 1st KOM -- front in sight most the time, but the last mile of the KOM stretched it even more and the front was obvious gone -- damn it. No one really wanted to work, basically 4..5 riders including Py did a reasonable good job to minimize damage. At feed zone 2 he finally received his two bottles no problem -- thanks again -- and the groups also behaved and regrouped just fine. Approaching the devil, just one rider then also Py took the lead -- lasy dudes. Well, with exception of this one other rider (in the photo below with fingers up) kept climbing all the way, not seen any of the others -- dropped far off... good. Passing a uncounted number of riders creeping up or even walking... on top a small group formed to finish up the stage. Good job here, everyone!

IMG_8068.JPG Many thanks to Joseph for taking this photo (and more)!

A few post C4 race photos:

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