Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bouncing around at Glacier Ridge

Change of routine for this Saturday: Riding Glacier Ridge w K&C, a fun and technical narrow winding single trail with many options to hit trees o-)

This morning he checked his Lightrider alias Humwee, the shock he had some trouble with lately, where he got out some Aluminum chips and though it'll be OK -- as it now hold the pressure for a long time, and a short test ride, it all looked fine again...

Starting the ride at GR it felt just fine, but after the first 5 km and a set of bigger bumps it get worse again, the SPV lost air, and pumping up just hold for the next few hits... so that thing dead, he had a bouncy ride winding around trees and over bumps almost all of that little place... the damping knob seam not do have any effect either -- arrrg.

That's it:

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