Sunday, January 06, 2008

Trevor's #7

First Sunday in 2008 and first Trevors ride of the year. A pretty warm (38..41F), humid and wet morning, but no rain any longer -- there were some rain showers during the night.

PyZahl got up little after 6am and rode to the start as usual, he felt a little tired from the ride of the day before, but reached the start within the usual 35min. The warmup felt good.

After a while a reasonable big group of about 17 riders got ready and they started out at 8:30, this is at exact t=1 hour in this diagram:

Usually there would be no further elongated stopping, but here we get SEVEN more stops.
What was wrong today he wonders, OK, roads were wet and little more debris flushed all over, but not too bad. However, the group stopped for a total of TEN flats, multiple flats at times and it happened to riders having a flat in the rear first and front later! This is more than one flat per every second rider ?!?!?! He did never ever saw that numbers of flat at any ride before. PyZahl was happy or better lucky today, no problem, and used the occasions to take photos, which are normally rare to find along the route. Here just one of todays photos.

And the ride stats:

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