Saturday, January 19, 2008

RP2IPBP - variant and pre ice age return ride

Again, Saturday 10am at Tildas RP2IPBP ride, a little on-the-fly-variant today. A grey overcast cold day, 0C, may be 1C at time of return. The sun not really mad it through the dense cloud cover, at times a faint shadow might have been spottable...
PyZahl did not really warmed up along the whole ride, even trying to ride had and spin a lot, it just was cold and little windy but dry. A few frozen puddles at the road side, no issue at all. They, C & Py, had a short food stop at IPBP, too cold to stay longer out there.

On there way back at the junction of Middle and Mill Rd it happened they could jump of the Kreb Team group which just came along from North... and they flew back together, which was nice as there was some head wind. They stayed on until Yaphank, where the Kreb Team finished there ride and C&Py rode back to there start... Good ride, OK day, little chilly but dry.


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