Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trevor's #8 + EB's North extension

Sunday, January 13th, 6am, PyZahl slowly woke up to prepare breakfast and get ready for Trevors ride #8. Usual procedure, 7:30am he rode out of his back yard up the little steep hill and it was nice to see the just rising sun through the trees -- nice clear intense deep red -- the whole morning was supposed to be nice, clear, dry and sunny -- just still a little chilly, about 1C at his house, -2C at cold spots, some ice and frost along the way, but a dry road surface.

One more good day for a good ride before the next snow storm kicks in at midnight as predicted so far -- up to 4 inches possible -- that sucks o-) The only thing he did not yet anticipated, the ride would bring him the first Century of the new year 2008 :-)

He got out to meeting point in PJS @ Bagels et more pretty quick this morning and felt good.

Surprisingly many riders already there at 8:05am, the early group gathered around one of the cars as usual. Py stripped one layer, as the sun rose higher and felt nice and warm.

The early group left and some nervous moving was going at the some of the others, soon he figured they were up to some special longer 80mi ride... some confusion, as they tempted to start out a little early... Others came, the regular Trevors ride started little later at 8:30 as usual, while a few, well the second early group for the long and slower endurance pace formed spontaneously and Py decided to go also.

They rode out the same old route but proceeded much further east and added a Early Birds North route a north extension.

All the way out they were about 12 riders... here one the way back, one more flat to fix...

A good long ride and great day and easy constant moving pace for about 90miles -- Py totaled today a little over 100mi or 164km to be precise.

Moving Statistics:

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