Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Trevors #9 for PyZahl

Sunday, about 6am, Py got hardly up and checked out the conditions, dark, dry, windy, feeling very cold -- and he did not really felt like start riding within the next hour. He adhered his inner voice and decided not to go this morning and wend back to bed. This was good and he almost got full five more hours of sleep in!

The usual breakfast turned into brunch and to his excitement the sun made it a little through the clouds, also the temperature made ot a little above freezing, how nice, but still this cold wind. However, a little riding would be nice -- he prepared to be ready for RP2IPBP, but may be short version.

The strong steady and cold North wind in his face was cold going out north east, he worked hard and got warm. Feeling that nasty wind, he decided to stay a little protected and instead of going all the way out, to do a short but intense hill sprint series ride. On the way out to Wildwood SP some flurries started coming down... Kind of nice, but at higher speeds these did also not feel so nice in his face... so he turned around at WWSP and back tracked his route, and close to home he added a few hill sprint laps to get to about 600m elevation gain and an good hour of riding. Not too bad.

Sometimes it is good to break up routine and do it different.

Later, he took his dead Swinger 3way rear shock apart to figure out the trouble, at least two problems, a bad O-ring at the SPV valve and too less oil in the damper system, i.e. air inside -- this is not gonna work right...

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