Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back to the We nite hill rides

Today PyZahl took out and put on his knickers as temps were somewhere around 7C in the morning and also left home his booties, started out early. It felt some what much colder than expected and he got little cold toes as the wind was going strait through his shoes and the tooooo thin socks, but still, he rode the extra hilly route to the Camp, the slower moving sections at wind protected climbs were nice as the sun was very welcome for a little warm up. Howerver, a quick hot shower felt really good after that :-) ... usual business at the Camp ... wrapping a layer of clear packing tape around the toe ventilation of his shoes to keep the wind out helped to get a little more comfort for the following ride to finish the day with the We nite ride (all laps and zigzaggs overlapping here...) routine, well starting over with this routine for the season of just long enough days. He added a second lap of the climb starting at the bottom at Pond before heading back on his his way home on NC again.... The sun was very low, but still up as he got back home -- good workout after two rained out days.

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